Share Your Experience

Do you want to share your experience of taking part in the training or one of our speaking events? Maybe you’re now looking forward to a job you would never have dreamt about before the training? Or perhaps you’ve confidence has grown and you’re now able to do something you love? Whatever it is we’d like to hear it. You can write about or vlog your experience.

Rosie took over our Instagram at the Grand Final 2019, read about her experience here.

Download our guidelines to help shape your post.

Peer Mentorship

Now that you’ve done your in-school workshop, showcased your speaking skills at your Assembly and Regional Final you can help this year’s speakers at your school. Use your knowledge and experience to support and coach your school’s current Speak Out Challenge representative before their Assembly or Regional Final.

Head to student resources to refresh your skills.

Become an Alumni Ambassador

As a Speakers Trust Alumni Ambassador you will join a forum to share your ideas to help shape the future of the programme for other young people like you. Our Ambassadors have been invaluable in projects such as informing the design of a new website, developing student resources and representing the programme at charitable showcase events.

Watch Meet the Alumni Ambassadors.

To get involved contact Becky Griffiths, Speak Out Challenge Programme Manager on becky.griffiths@speakerstrust.org


Each year every Regional Champion is invited on a trip to Corpus Christi College at Cambridge University and the Houses of Parliament to see where the power of voice has been able to shape history. These trips are an opportunity for you to be inspired, explore possibilities and learn.

Omotola Noble says her trip to Cambridge University was “an impressive, dynamic revelation that gave us a great taste of the environment of campus life, university and lectures”.

Read her story.

Inspiring Voices: Level Up

You have already done our Level 1 communication skills training; your school workshop. Why not do Level 2? We offer all Regional Finalists who placed first, second or third the chance to up their public speaking skills. This training happens in February half term at our Central London office and the Jack Petchey Foundation help to fund the workshops so that your place will only cost £20 (reduced from £170!) please email becky.griffiths@speakerstrust.org for more information.

“Today’s training was a once in a lifetime opportunity, a wonderful experience that I’m glad I attended,” AJ told us. Find out more.

Events and Showcases

For every Regional Final to take place a lot of work happens behind the scenes and you are part of that. If you were Runner-Up in your Regional Final you could be a student judge, if you were a Regional Champion you could MC a Regional Final next year and some Grand Finalists have even returned as MCs at the Grand Final.

Work Experience and Volunteering

You’ve used your voice to share something that you feel strongly about.

Does your passion connect with any organisations or companies? If so this could be a great opportunity to use your communication skills to open a conversation with them and ask for work experience. It will look great on your CV!

Watch Sebi’s story.

UCAS and beyond

Demonstrate your leadership skills through UCAS, apprenticeships and jobs. Tell them you took part in Jack Petchey’s Speak Out Challenge at school.

Your journey on the programme demonstrates your unique ability to think on your feet, structure your thoughts and articulate your opinions in a constructive manner.

Speak Louder

You have already used your voice to speak out but could you go one step further?

If you feel strongly about a local, societal, political or national issue you can influence positive change; contact your MP or start your own campaign.