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Sebi’s story: Work Experience

9 Sep 2019

In 2016, buzzing from a fantastic “Speak Out” Challenge! workshop, I wrote and delivered a speech, as is part of the programme. A speech about something I was passionate about, something I really wanted to share with others. For me, that was the arts. Having never expressed an interest in anything creative to anyone, it was freeing to speak about what art has meant to me, using what I had learnt to articulate myself as best as possible. With the speech title ‘The Beating Heart of Living Art’, never did I imagine the incredible journey that would stem from those few empowering minutes.

After progressing through the Regional Final, I was fortunate enough to then take part in the Grand Final, getting the opportunity to deliver my speech in front of a supportive audience, packed with teachers, family and friends all there to cheer me on (I still think I had to the loudest supporters on the night!). The following year I was invited to MC at both a Regional and the Grand Final. It was a fantastic look into the flip-side of the experience I went through, while also allowing me to flex my public speaking muscles yet again. The pizza provided for lunch on both occasions didn’t hurt either! Just like everyone else, I was floored by the quality and content from the young speakers of London and Essex. I am glad I got to witness all that talent and be a part of it in my own way.

When the opportunity was extended to me to participate in the Alumni Ambassador group, I was absolutely excited to work once again with Speakers Trust. Seeing our discussions contribute directly to changes implanted within various projects, such as the revamping of the “Speak Out” Challenge! website was satisfying. At every turn our contributions felt appreciated and valued. We were also honoured with the experience of meeting Hulda, the Trust’s first young trustee. Hulda shed some light on her exciting new role and plans post-graduation. The programme was such a pleasure to be a part of that I requested that I come back for summer work experience in order to build up my UCAS personal statement and CV. All the skills that I wanted to foster were discussed and worked into a schedule of tasks during the week, which included interviewing a trustee, research and data entry. Everyone was extremely warm and welcoming, putting at ease all my anxieties about being in a professional environment for the first time.

Looking back at my journey with Speakers Trust and the “Speak Out” Challenge!, I feel immense pride. Not only has this experience introduced me to amazing people and taken me to amazing places, but it has equipped me with invaluable information, contacts and skills I never would have had otherwise. Hey, I still use the ‘Communication Triangle’ in everyday life! 

A massive thank you goes out to everyone who has been along for the ride with me and good luck to everyone starting theirs.

Written by Sebentile Mabuza


Watch Sebi’s work experience interview.