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New Remote Workshops!

11 Feb 2021

We at Speakers Trust have been continually impressed by the commitment and energy of teachers as you rise to meet every challenge the last year has thrown at you. Communication and community are more important now than they have ever been so we have been working hard to ensure that we can continue to work with you and help your students find their voices and express themselves. 

We have a Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge! workshop to suit every circumstance – whether you are teaching remotely, with limited groups in school, or unable to teach live at all. 

Option 1: Remote Speak Out Challenge Workshop 

We have moved our brilliant full-day workshop experience online. You can book this workshop right now - just email hello@speakerstrust.org and we will find a date and time that works for your students. 

How does it work? This workshop takes place in two 2-hour sessions on Zoom (or the video calling software of your choice). It is suitable for a maximum of 16 students and it does require a teacher to be present the whole time. Slots can be booked on the same day or on different days, whatever works best with your calendar. We will provide all the resources and guidance that you need to make this easy and stress-free including digital versions of our workbook and certificates. Students will go through the same brilliant confidence-building process that they do in the classroom, culminating in delivering a speech on a topic that they are passionate about. 

“The workshop worked brilliantly online! The students were always involved and engaged in the tasks. The use of break out rooms worked really well for students to work in smaller groups. I’ve been involved in the normal workshop before, and I felt this online workshop worked just as well!” Ms Kirwan, Turing House School 

Option 2: ‘Zoom In’ Speak Out Challenge Workshop 

We know schools are still open for certain students – this option is a great choice for these students, or to book now for a workshop when schools open.  

How does it work? Our ‘Zoom In’ workshop is delivered by a trainer who is at home to students in the classroom. It is suitable for a maximum of 20 students. If you are unable to have visitors at school right now this is the perfect way to bring the support and guidance of our expert public speaking trainers into your classroom. These sessions take place in two 2-hour sessions using Zoom or a video calling platform of your choice and we provide all the resources, advice, and support to ensure that the student experience is as impactful as if the trainer were there in person. 

“I enjoyed it so much you have worked miracles with that group – all with one barrier or another to public speaking. Bravo to you, something about your presence is so supportive and encouraging even through the screen.” Ms. Wiltshire, Cumberland School 


Option 3: Our new learning platform 

We know that won’t be possible for all students to join us live – even through a video call – and we are determined that these students don’t miss out. We are almost ready to launch our brand-new online learning platform for students to take on the Jack Petchey’s Speak Out Challenge.  This provides an interactive learning experience for young people to take in their own time and at their own pace.  Next year, this will become an integral part of our blended offer, ensuring that we can give all young people to develop their skills and confidence in a way they find easiest to learn.  From this Easter, we can give 50 schools advance access to this platform, free of charge as part of our Pilot phase.  If you would like to offer this opportunity to students this academic year, please email us at hello@speakerstrust.org and we will provide further details. 

We know how transformative Jack Petchey’s Speak Out Challenge can be for all young people and we hope that our new suite of online offers gives you the confidence to book your Year 10 workshop now. If you would prefer to wait for an in-person workshop later in the year – that is not a problem. We have extended our delivery period all the way until the end of the academic year so you can book in a workshop until the very last day of term.