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Oracy Heroes: JPSOC Alumni return to the competition as judges

22 Dec 2023

Jack Petchey’s Speak Out Challenge Regional Finals have taken on a new level of significance as Alumni that took part in the competition return to their roots as judges. This unique initiative not only brings back familiar faces to their home boroughs but also highlights the deep connections built through the program. As these alumni take on the role of judges, they not only contribute their expertise but also inspire a new generation of talent to dream big and achieve greatness.

The connection between the alumni and their respective boroughs is a powerful testament to the impact of the program. Coming full circle, years later they now return with life lessons and experiences to give back to the programme that played a pivotal role in their personal and professional development.

So far, we have witnessed 7 Alumni form part of judging panels in Waltham Forest, Islington, Hammersmith and Fulham and Camden, and we have 30 more lined up for our Regional Finals returning in 2024.

Regional Champions Hannan Oumer (Class of 2012), Idris Sobande (Class of 2009), Elishama Udorok (Class of 2008), Kalm Paul-Christian (Class of 2009), Olivia Odubanjo (Class of 2009) and Benedict Townsend (Class of 2009), all shared their experiences of judging at their home boroughs:


Our judging panels are comprised of individuals from all walks of life and our Alumni aren’t any different: they have grown to become lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, creatives, comedians, actors, and activists, giving back to the community. It is so special to witness the growth and evolution from 15 year-old students standing on stage to influential figures in their respective industries, positively impacting their communities.

Thanks to their involvement, this year’s Regional Finals have evolved into a powerful force for positive change. The alumni’s role as judges not only celebrates them as accomplished individuals but also provides a transformative experience for both judges and participants alike.

If you are an Alumni and would like to judge in this year’s Regional Finals, click here.