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Kaylee Golding joins Grand Final

14 Jul 2022

On Monday 18th July, Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge! Grand Finalists will take to the stage of the Cambridge Theatre and share their speeches for the last time in this competition.

Every year we have the privilege of listening to the passionate voices of thousands of young people. Every speech is unique and inspiring in its own way, making it an incredibly tough decision to determine who the next Jack Petchey “Speak Out” Challenge! Grand Champion will be. Fortunately, we will be joined by our esteemed panel of judges who are taking on this difficult job. The panel consists of politicians, athletes, presenters, and influencers all known for using their voices to create change. They will judge the competition based on Content, Delivery & Structure and thereby determine who will be crowned the 2022 “Speak Out” Challenge! Champion!

In no particular order, let’s meet the judges! 

Kaylee Golding is a DJ and award winning presenter who can currently be heard on Kiss FM and her podcast ‘On Your Gaydar’.

We asked Kaylee, in your experience, what does it mean to find your voice?

To me finding your voice is finding subjects that you care about and you feel passionate about and celebrating them. It’s all about giving yourself the freedom to be heard, and speaking openly and freely about things that you care about! Sometimes this can be scary but when you find your voice and you feel confident within that its the best feeling ever!  

Why is empowering young people important to you?

My whole career was build around people seeing me and empowering me from the age 14 through until adulthood. I see the power of mentorship and having people to go to for advice. I want to be that for young people. 

What does communication mean to you?

The power of communication is so important. It’s all about connecting with one another, and there’s something so beautiful in that!  

Thinking about our young speakers, how can they provoke the change they want to see in the world?

I would say for them to find subjects they really care about, really read and learn about them, and then speak up on the subject!